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Office of Academic Affairs creates new Advising Award

The Office of Academic Affairs announced during the fall 2014 semester that their office has created a new Outstanding Academic Advising Award with a stipend of $500.

The Outstanding Advising Award recognizes an individual who has demonstrated qualities associated with outstanding advising of undergraduate students. Eligibility is limited to faculty and staff who have an official role in MyRED as an undergraduate academic advisor and must be involved in the direct delivery of advising services for undergraduates as part of his/her job responsibilities. 2015 is the inaugural year for the Outstanding Academic Advising Award. This awardee will be recognized at the April Academic Advising Association meeting.

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The AAA Best Practices Committee is pleased to announce the Spring 2015 book for our first common read program.

The book "How We Learning: The Surprising Truth About When, Where, and Why It Happens" by Benedict Carey takes a look at the historical and current research in many areas related to learning: biology, retention of information, problem solving, and the role of the subconscious. Presented in the book is research, suggestions, and realizations that can help any student better perform academically. The Best Practices Committee feels that this book can help us as advisers better understand the learning process of our students, and offer ways to help all students at UNL improve. The Best Practices Committee plans to offer a session at our AAA Conference on the book; as well as two brown bag lunches in the spring to discuss the book in more detail as to how we can apply it to our campus. For more information, contact Eric Einspahr ( or Ann Koopmann (

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A memo was released by JoAnn Moseman, the Academic Transfer Coordinator, regarding a change in the designation for military credit. That memo can be accessed here.

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