Networking Program

The AAA Networking Program is an informal structured program for new to UNL advisers, with an opportunity to network with more experienced UNL advisers. We seek the development of the advising professional with relation to relevant UNL professional experience and on-campus resources; providing for collaboration and helping those new to UNL advising to grow in professional experiences.

The AAA Networking Program Goals:

  1. Encourage networking opportunities for AAA members in a more guided format
  2. Provide “newer” Advisers the opportunity to gain professional connections with more “veteran” professionals in the Advising community
  3. Encourage greater collaboration across campus advising units
  4. Provide professional development opportunities for AAA advising members
  5. Foster greater commitment and participation in AAA activities

Expectations of the AAA Networking Program:

  • Partners will be paired with a partner from a different advising/professional area 
  • Partners will make a one semester commitment to meeting with their partner
  • Partners will meet a minimum of three times a semester

 Expectations of AAA Networking Program Participants:

  • Encourage and participate in AAA meetings and activities
  • Discuss career biography and professional outlook
  • Discuss goals and goal progression
  • Encourage and support professional development opportunities within the profession and throughout the University
  • Guide or introduce possibilities for networking with other professionals or organizations


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