Suggested Professional Development Materials

Often, advisers throughout campus are looking for different types of materials that can be used for professional development. This may be suggested readings, books, webinars, etc. We have received many recommendations to include and wanted to provide a place on our website to incorporate those suggestions. If you have additional recommendations on readings, websites, webinars, etc., please contact Megan Carroll at to have those added to the list below.

This list was last updated on July 11, 2016.

Recommended Books

Publication Title Author Recommended By
The Dark Side of the Ivory Tower:
Campus Crime as a Social Problem
John J. Sloan III,
Bonnie S. Fisher
Kelly Payne
How we learn: The surprising truth
about when, where and why it happens
Benedict Carey Ben Heinisch
Lucky Alice Sebold Kelly Payne
Paying for the Party:
How College Maintains Inequality
Elizabeth A. Armstrong,
Laura T. Hamilton
Eric Einspahr
Academically Adrift Richard Arum,
Josipa Roksa
Erin Burnette

College (Un)Bound Jeff Selingo Erin Burnette

Other Resources

Publication Title Author Recommended By
PowerPoint Modern Languages at UNL Prof. Priscilla Hayden-Roy