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Welcome to the Academic Advising Association Website. As an advising community, we see first-hand how impactful academic advising can be in a student’s life. Advisors have the ability to inspire students to reach their goals both in and out of the http://aaa.unl.edu/#classroom, and empower them to overcome any challenges they may face. As an organization, we strive to provide opportunities for advisers to continually improve their craft and work toward a collaborative advising environment on campus. Advising is central to the success of this university. I welcome you, and encourage you to be involved!

On this website, you will find:
  • Information about the organization,
  • Archived newsletters,
  • Our executive committee officer and sub-committee chair contact information,
  • Upcoming events and meetings,
  • An overview of our bylaws, and
  • Membership information
If you have questions about this organization, you can contact me at eeinspahr2@unl.edu or our Communications Coordinator, Megan Carroll at .

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