From the Chair

Welcome to the Academic Advising Association!

The Academic Advising Association (AAA) was created as a venue to provide and enhance professional development opportunities, discuss and implement best practices, and network among the varied student services professionals who serve our students. Whether you are faculty, staff, or a graduate student - our organization is a place to come together, to learn from and with each other, in order to provide the best support for our students as they navigate their college experience. My name is Olivia Miller and it is my honor to serve as the Chair of AAA for the 2019-2020 academic year.

During the 2019 academic year the Executive Committee will focus on the relational component of academic advising, or the skills we must demonstrate when working with students (NACADA). While this is a time of exciting change for our campus, some things remain the same – why we do the work that we do and why we were drawn to work with students in the first place, which is at the heart of what we do on a daily basis. We aim to connect with our faculty advisors, engage with our graduate students, and learn about specific advising populations. In our general membership meetings and committees we hope that our members will learn from one another, create a network of support and grow into their next year more well-rounded in their work with students.

Thank you,

Olivia Miller

Academic Advising Association Chair


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