Welcome from the Chair,

Hello, and welcome to the Academic Advising Association at Nebraska. We are a robust advising community comprised of professionals from a variety of advising and support roles across the University. Collectively, we rely on one another to share knowledge, resources, and personal/professional support so that we may develop a stronger understanding of our students, our practice, and ourselves.

This year, the organization is focusing on the concept of HOME. What can we do, especially in a time of high anxiety, to make Nebraska home for our students, but also for one another? How can our University build shelter and community for all that fall under its vast umbrella? What is already creating that feeling for some? What is missing for others? What is our role in that vision and what are the steps we can take to make it a reality? 

These are just a few questions we’ll be working toward answering together this year. Please feel free to join us at any time for our general meetings or a committee-sponsored program. All are welcome! 

On this website, you can find additional information about the organization and its subcommittees, our elected and appointed leadership, bylaws, and our Annual Spring Conference. 

Feel free to reach out to me at any time with questions at meagansavage@unl.edu

If you’re interested in joining as a member, fill out this form.

Thank you,

Meagan Savage

Academic Advising Association Chair


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