AAA has four different committees that provide members an opportunity to learn and connect with one another and colleagues from different parts of the campus community. If you are interested in joining or partnering with a committee for an event, please contact the chairs, listed below.

Committee Title & Description 2022-2023 Co-Chairs
Networking: Facilitates social and professional connection between members. Previous activities include: a mentoring program, happy hours, trips to local attractions/activities, workday lunch hours, and holiday events. Taylor Bockman and Sara Winn
Best Practices & Professional Development: Provides programming around growing our professional knowledge and skillset, and sharing information and techniques to make us more effective practitioners. Previous activities include: conference summary presentations, brown bag lunch speakers, diversity programming, webinars, and common read book groups. Katie Petersen
Conference: Coordinates and implements the annual spring conference for student affairs professionals in the state of Nebraska and surrounding states. Previous activities include: theme development, solicitation and review of conference proposals, registration, and event planning. Caitlin Smith and TBD
Social Justice & Inclusion: Creates opportunities for members to understand and think critically about the experiences of underrepresented students, faculty, and staff at Nebraska, and develop effective strategies to implement in our practice. Previous activities include: identity exploration exercises, and self-care practices. Laura Britten